Vein Disorder Treatments

Varicose Vein Treatment (EVLT)

Traditionally, a painful surgery involving surgical litigation and stripping of the vein has been the only effective treatment for varicose veins. While this is a useful procedure its potential drawbacks include…

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Spider Vein Treatment

Doctors at Vaughan Vein Clinic treat spider veins on the body using sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a highly concentrated saline solution or specially made detergent directly into the vein. This simple outpatient treatment causes the veins to constrict and gradually disappear over a three to six week period…

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Facial Vein Treatment

Treatment of facial veins by doctors at Vaughan Vein Clinic often depends on the exact nature of the anomaly. It can includeintense pulse light laser treatment (IPL), a technology using focused light which is often used in cosmetic treatments, or radiofrequency devices (such as the Ellman system) that send radio waves into the skin to heat small blood vessels until they disappear…

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Vein Disorders

Varicose veins are a result of pressurization of small veins located below the skin. The cause of this pressurization is incompetent valves within veins themselves. This does not allow the normal antegrade (forward) flow...

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