01 Jul

Is Sclerotherapy Safe?

Schlerotherapy is a common, safe and highly effective way of treating smaller varicose veins and other vein disorders. The procedure involves using a needle to inject a medicinal foam known as sclerosant into those smaller varicose veins. This foam will cause an inflammatory reaction in the vein. This reaction will trigger the vein to collapse, and the end result is the affected vein will shrink away and disappear.

What’s more, the therapy process is painless does not need the patient to take an anesthetic, and can be completed in a doctor’s clinic without requiring a visit to the surgery room. Instead, it can be done as a treatment completed in a half-hour trip to a doctor, such as one of the highly trained vein specialists here at the Vaughan Vein Clinic.

Often, schlerotherapy is used in conjunction with another minimally invasive vein treatment procedure, EVLT, which uses lasers to cause a similar vein-shrinking reaction. But on its own, schlerotherapy is a long-used and safe procedure. After it is performed, you will need to avoid any strenuous activity, such as aerobic activity, for a few days.

The procedure has been highly refined and tested since the modern, and minimally invasive, version of schlerotherapy was developed in the 1980s. There are a few potential side effects. These include very mild effects such as an itch around the vein, which can subsist for one or two days. There may also be red areas visible around the injection area, but these should also vanish shortly afterwards. The same goes for bruising, which can also occur for a short-term after.

In short, those looking to erase unwanted varicose veins can consider sclerotherapy a straightforward and very safe procedure, one that has been used for several decades. The process itself does not take long and does not require an anesthetic, like more major medical procedures or surgical removal of unwanted and problematic veins require. But if you are considering varicose vein removal and have questions about what sclerotherapy could mean for you, feel free to contact the Vaughan Vein Clinic and book an assessment appointment to get some answers about sclerotherapy and other possible treatment options.