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Our clinic specializes in the treatment of a wide variety of vein disorders through the use of IPL, EVLT, radiofrequency, and sclerotherapy treatments. We have two well-experienced and highly respected surgeons on staff as well as a staff anesthetist. Our treatments do not require general anesthetic. Anesthetist is available if needed.

Dr. Beder isĀ supported by two registered nurses and a team of three friendly and efficient receptionists. With almost 20 years of experience in vascular surgery, our surgeons are some of the leading experts on the treatment of vascular disorders in Canada.


Vein Disorders

Varicose veins are a result of pressurization of small veins located below the skin. The cause of this pressurization is incompetent valves within veins themselves. This does not allow the normal antegrade (forward) flow...

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